About Us

Digitiv - Essex's favourite creative agency

We are a top-rated UK based digital agency focused on customer care, creative excellence and results-driven solutions. We cover everything from branding design through to web, video, and apps. As a result, Digitiv aim to help other businesses grow their online presence.

When Steve and George partnered up to establish Digitiv, their vision was to create a Creative Agency that helped other independent businesses grow their brand and online presence. And that’s exactly what they’ve done! Digitiv offer a huge range of services, all of which can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Our most popular service is our branding and website design. Steve and George can offer flexible payment plans and you, as the customer, can earn commission if you sell a website through us.

As an independent business, Digitiv is aware of the pressures of building a brand and online presence. The world is becoming dominated by the internet and it’s where most businesses make their money. It is vital that you have a good, functional website for potentials clients to look at. George is one of our in-house designers and he has a fantastic eye for detail. Steve is head of marketing and sales and will advise you honestly on the best way to market and grow your business.

Their passion, knowledge, creativity and expert skills have made them a force to be reckoned with in the Digital marketing world and the Digitiv team will do their utmost to go above and beyond for their clients.

Meet Steve

Co-founder and Head of Marketing and Sales

Our marketing mastermind and creative colossus, Steve is a driving force of Digitiv and our clients’ public image. Steve is passionate about helping others build their brand because he knows how difficult it is.

Meet George

Co-founder and Head of Design

Our head of design and development, George makes sure we are all working at the top of game.  He comes up with innovative designs for your websites, branding, and apps. George also built and designed our website.