Social Media

The smartest and easiest marketing
tool at your disposal

Build engagement, grow your awareness, and gain new customers

Social media apps are the most widely used across all platforms. You can find out anything at the click of a button, everything is available online. Almost 3 billion people worldwide use social media, and many of those are for business and marketing purposes. There are some companies who started out on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They eventually became so big that they needed a website to sell their product. 

However, using it for your business can be difficult, as although it is a free platform to use, the time it takes to create content, post and engage with similar companies and the right accounts takes a lot of time. DIGITIV can now offer social media packages for businesses who simply do not have the time to dedicate to building their social presence successfully. We can advise you on the best tool to use for your particular business and how to utilise it well.

Experts in social media marketing

Our social media managers are experts in marketing and will be able to take the pressure away from you by posting content, connecting with similar companies and accounts and devising a social media campaign that will increase your businesses online profile. You will receive a monthly report that will show how successful the marketing has been and how to push your  campaign to the next level to reach more customers.

We highly recommend using these free platforms for awareness of your business as it’s often one of the first things potential customers will look at to see how trustworthy and reputable you are.