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9th April 2020

Website Design in Colchester

Digitiv is based in the centre of Colchester, Essex. It is a prime location for one the country’s top creative agency, and in particular, website design. We are very proud to have our base in such a thriving town and be able to help other independent businesses grow their online presence, and get a larger customer base. Website design in Colchester is actually quite competitive so we know that our design and development team need to be at the top of their game in order to be the pick of the crops.

Being a small business is no mean feat in the current climate. There have been some tough knock on effects of Covid-19 but, we know that our work speaks for itself. Self-belief is extremely important, especially at this moment in time. Everyone is working from home and operating as near to normal as possible. The only difference is we have more zoom meetings! Covid-19 isn’t what we want to talk about though. We wanted to give you a little insight into our amazing agency.

The Co-founders

Steve Hill and George Challiss are the founders of Digitiv and the creative geniuses behind it! Each of them have their own set of skills and ideas, which makes for a fabulous team. George heads up the design and development side, and Steve takes charge of sales and marketing. One couldn’t work without the other and in the two years they have been business partners, they’ve never had an argument! Which seems unreal to me! However, over time they’ve had certain challenges. One being in the form of a decent workspace. 

Digitiv. Colchester website design

Finding a good premises is not as simple as it may seem. There are many different factors that play a part. It’s a bit like buying a house. It’s all about the location. Before renting the shop in St John’s street Colchester, they worked out of Steve’s top floor in his house. This was fine in the beginning. But, as they took on more clients, the space simply wasn’t big enough. In September last year, they took the plunge and leased the current Digitiv home. 


Colchester was and is the perfect location. It has brilliant connections with Chelmsford and London. Plus, it is very supportive of independent businesses. After transforming the office, Steve and George quickly realised that the team needed to grow, just as the business and client base had. That’s when they took me on as their marketing manager, Rose as a junior designer and three website developers. 

Website design is complex – but it is the thing we do best. George has amazing, innovative ideas that will take your business to the next level. Having an easy to use website and one that looks aesthetically pleasing will get you business. Your brand and awareness surrounding it will increase. And you’ll thank your lucky stars that you chose Digitiv to give you a make over. 

If you’re interested in having a re-brand, getting a new project up and running, or would like us to do a website design for you, get in touch today. It’s now a brilliant time to think of the future and build the business you have always dreamed of. 

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