Content is King!

20th February 2020

How many times have we heard that phrase? Writing content might seem easy, but, ranking highly on Google is not. When you have content written for a website, it needs to optimised accordingly in order for Google to rank it highly. Being on the first page of Google, or any search engine, is the holy grail for any business. Particularly an independent one. How do you get to that elusive top spot? 

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Good content 

What classifies as good content? Most search engines will not be able to rank content if it has fewer than 300 words. It has to be coherent and flow nicely. Do not just chuck 300 words together if it has nothing to do with your brand, leave it out. It will not benefit you at all. Having a good title matters. Knowing your audience matters. Keywords are vitally important. All of these things will drive traffic to your website.

At Digitiv, we build our websites on WordPress as they perform well on Google and is the biggest website builder platform globally. With WordPress, you can also have Yoast which is a premium SEO tool. It will help you write good SEO optimised content. Having a ‘news’ or ‘articles’ page on your website will massively help your SEO. The blogs will ensure your potential customers will stay on your site for a longer period of time. 

Understanding SEO

There are plenty of websites out there that you can use to help you understand SEO. Yoast, in our opinion, is by far the most superior of those platforms. You can customise each post so it has good readability (very important) and good keyword optimisation. Even if you’re not an SEO expert, Yoast will push you in the right direction. You will be able to write fantastic content that anyone will find accessible. Using internal and external links on ALL posts is detrimental. You need to show how your content links to other areas of your website. External links will add value to your content if it links to an already highly ranked page. They will improve credibility of your content and website. 

SEO optimisation. Digitiv. Digital marketing agency in Colchester
Understand SEO with Yoast.

Image optimisation 

All articles need images attached so Google knows what it is about. Where it is possible, use authentic, professional photographs. If you don’t have any to hand, there are some brilliant free photo stock websites such as Pexels and Unsplash. Shutterstock is also a great one to use, but you have to pay for each image downloaded. Ensure all images on your site have good alt+text tags. Without them, your SEO is compromised. 

If you want to understand more about SEO and what Digitiv can do for you, follow this link. 

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