How to grow your instagram account.

10th July 2020

Instagram is a tricky platform. If you have been on it a while, you will already know this. It’s one of the more positive social media platforms and a great way to show off your business. But how do you grow it into a success? 

Digitiv are a creative agency based in Essex, but we have done some work for businesses up and down the country. As a creative agency, we cover a manner of things including; bespoke website design and development, app design, SEO optimisation, social media management and content writing. We’re a small business but we have big ideas! 

How to grow your online presence

Our intention is not to sound like a cliche, but we’re growing steadily and our team are always coming up with innovative ideas. Our passion is to create and to help other SMEs grow their online presence. 2020 has been a whirlwind year for the majority of businesses out there, including big chains. So how can the little ones survive after the COVID-19 pandemic?

One of the best ways to ensure you have a constant presence is through blogs and social media. While many people were either working from home or on furlough, they spent more time online shopping and delving into their social media worlds. Let’s face it – there wasn’t much else they could do! And it was down to this that kept the economy going on. eCommerce sites, Etsy shops and instagram businesses have done all they can to push forward and remain positive. As we have mentioned, as a company we offer social media management.

Our marketing manager, Gemma (and the author of this blog) is going to share some top tips, and must avoids when growing your instagram account. 

Doing instagram the right way

1 – Engagement, engagement, engagement. The algorithms on instagram are constantly changing and it’s hard to get your account noticed. Not only by the right accounts, but by instagram. But why would you want Instagram to notice your account? If you engage with other accounts, instagram will ‘boost’ your profile, showing your posts to more people and recommending to others that they follow you. Engagement on instagram isn’t just ‘liking’ posts. You need to connect by commenting and sharing. Follow similar hashtags and connect with people who use the same ones as you. If you do this consistently, your account will grow.

2 – Hashtags. Never use the same ones day in, day out. You will get shadow banned and your posts will be pushed to the bottom of everyones instagram feed. If you’re posting on behalf of a business, you will already have a niche. Do your research. Find out what hashtags similar businesses use. Engage with the hashtags too. 

3 – Post consistently. It doesn’t have to be everyday if you do not have the time, or the content to post. But I would suggest at least four times a week. 

4 – Instagram stories. USE THEM. They’re a great way to connect with followers. You can tag other businesses in them and will boost your engagement rate. 

5 – Do a giveaway. It’s a good way to show you want to connect with other businesses, and it’s giving something back to the loyal followers. 

6 – If you have something new you want to show your followers, do a sponsored ad, send them to your website or profile. Show yourself off! 

7 – Invest time into your content. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, but showing off your business in a unique way with interesting posts will make your account authentic and your followers will appreciate the effort you have put into it. 

What to avoid

Now we have covered the ‘must-do’s’, let’s do the ‘must nevers’

1 – Buy followers/ likes/ comments. JUST DO NOT DO IT. Let me repeat that for those at the back, NEVER BUY FOLLOWERS/ LIKES/ COMMENTS. Instagram is cracking down on bots and accounts that are spam. You may have good intentions when you do this, but you will struggle to recover from this, may have your account blocked and deleted, then you will have to start again. 

2 – Use stock photos or Google images. Again, the instagram algorithm will push your posts to the bottom of the pile as it will be seen as fake. Even if you use verified websites to get your images such as unsplash or shutterstock, how many other people are using the same image? 

3 – Neglect your followers. Instagram is tough. You need to spend time on there each day. Not all day, everyday, but 15 minutes here and there goes a long way. If your followers feel like they’re getting nothing back, guess what? They will be clicking that ‘unfollow’ button. 

4 – Spamming people with products. If you have products to sell, do not comment on someone’s post something like ‘check out my page’ or ‘take a look at my clothes’. Even people who don’t follow you will want to block you! 

5 – Send long DMs. They will only go into request folders as instagram, like emails, will see them as spam. Especially if you’re sending the same one to different people. If people are interested in your account, or business, they will show it by following you. Do not force yourself upon people. 

If you follow this guide, it will hold you in good stead. Digitiv offer social media packages, if you are interested in having your platforms managed, please get in touch.

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