How we work at Digitiv

14th July 2020

Each creative agency will work differently. After all, it’s how we work creatively! But if you choose to be one of Digitiv’s clients, what can you expect? Who will you be dealing with? When you decide to work with Digitiv, you will have a whole team of experts at your disposal. The team will work closely with you so the end result will be exactly as you imagined it to be. You will receive a ‘Welcome pack’ detailing your journey with us, and what we need from you. 

Who makes up the Digitiv team?

There’s 3 main people you will be dealing with – Steve, George and Gemma. The team all have different areas of expertise and are here to guide you through the process with ease, and zero stress on your part! 

Steve is one of the founders of Digitiv. Although he has years of experience in design, he is now head of sales. He knows everything there is to know about the business and will always be on hand to answer any queries or deal with problems. Charismatic, knowledgable and friendly, you’ll be in safe hands with Steve. 

Steve Hill, managing director of Digitiv
Steve, Co-founder of Digitiv & Head of sales

George is the other co-founder and is a ‘Jack of all trades’ kinda guy. Not only does he design your website or logo, he could also be the person developing your site. George creates ground-breaking bespoke designs and websites for our clients and uses innovation to bring his creations to life. He is also extremely knowledgable and will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

George Challiss, Creative Director of Digitiv
George, Co-founder of Digitiv & Creative Director

Finally, we come to Gemma. Gemma joined the team in January and she manages the accounts and heads up the marketing. This includes SEO optimisation, content writing, communicating with clients and social media management. Upon joining Digitiv, Steve will put you in touch with Gemma and she will liaise with you throughout the process, informing you what we need to push forward and will provide you with rough timelines on when your project will be complete. 

Gemma Tidmarsh. Marketing and Accounts manager
Gemma, Marketing & Accounts Manager

If you’re thinking of re-branding an existing business, starting a new one, or just need some help with improving your online presence, please get in touch today. Your new site is just an email away.

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