The Positive Side of Social Media.

25th February 2020

The past couple of weeks have been turbulent in the way of social media. After Caroline Flack’s suicide, many people have been questioning the use of social media and how it has caused mental health issues for people, and in particular celebrities. However, as a creative marketing agency, we know how positive social media can be and we wanted to tell you why. Recent events shouldn’t deter you from using your platforms. They give you and your business a voice, and a place to sell to customers. 

Growing your business on social media. Creative agency in Colchester.
Social media is the best tool to grow your business.

Selling on Social Media.

As a business, what you put on your social media could be the difference between someone investing in you and your brand, or finding someone else. It needs to be professional, clean and concise. As a creative agency, the thing we do when we get a potential client is to look at their website and social media to see if their brand and idea is clear. Selling on social media is not easy. It’s competitive, convoluted and frustrating. There are millions of accounts out there so trying to reach the right ones is tough. We spoke about this in our last post which you can read here

However, despite this, you can also build up a really good following. Most of the people on the internet are nice, believe it or not. They will be supportive, kind and pleasant. Unfortunately, there are a small number of people who believe that they have to express their opinion and cause upset. But let’s talk about the positive people.

Growing a business online.

Building and growing a business is tough and scary. You have no idea if it will succeed. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done or send you into a spiral of despair. Social media could be the difference between you having that success or not. When you start your social campaign, you need to have a clear strategy, a positive mindset, know how you want your grid to look, and the accounts you want to target.

Social media has given so many people the chance to work from home and fit in a business around their children or other commitments. It has connected people in a way that the real world couldn’t. They allow people with no self-confidence to find a voice. It has encouraged people with hobbies to turn them into something worthwhile and motivates people. People meet their best friend or partner on social media. And no one should feel bad for indulging in the likes of instagram or Facebook.

Think positive!

It is a positive place if you make it so. It’s your own little corner of the internet to empower yourself and to show off your amazing brand! Some people have made a successful business purely through having an instagram account. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in. If your customers can see your passion and product, they will buy it. You can invest back in them by doing small giveaways and competitions to show you appreciate your support. It is possible to use these platforms to your advantage. They’re the best marketing tools in the modern world and utilised correctly, they will bring you success and the recognition you deserve! 

Social media positivity. Digitiv digital marketing agency in Colchester
Make your social media a positive place.

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