DIGITIP #1 – 5 Top Problems Found In Websites

24th February 2020

We’ve worked in website design for years and we’ve seen everything weird and wonderful the website world has to offer. Now, we’re here to help you make sure your website is at the top of it’s class – making sure you don’t lose leads, brand awareness, and most importantly, business!

Take a look at the 5 biggest problems we find with corporate websites and check your own website for these issues as they could be costing you potential customers.

We’ll be talking about the 5 main points:

1) Security – is your website secured by a valid SSL certificate?
2) Mobile – is your website mobile friendly?
3) Site Speed – is your website lighting fast?
4) Contactable – is your contact information easy to find?
5) Professional – is your website slick, simple, and professional?

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