Website Design – why you should choose Digitiv.

20th March 2020

For many people, their website design, branding and content is everything. Without those things combined, you wouldn’t have a business. But what happens if you’re not trained in those things and need someone else to do it for you? Trusting someone to look after your website is huge. There’s no way around it. You may have some sort of idea how you want your site to look, however there are many elements involved in building a website. Digitiv is a creative agency and we bring brands to life with innovative website designs in Colchester

Why would you choose Digitiv? 

We’re a small, but efficient team and each member is an expert in a different area of the business. Digitiv can guarantee that you will be well looked after if you choose us. Unlike many marketing agencies, we have flexible payment options so it’s less of a daunting process – especially if you’re just starting out! We also run a scheme whereby if you sell a website through Digitiv, you will earn 10% commission on it. How many other agencies do that? Not that many, we can tell you that for certain. 

We have created numerous websites for various industries and our team are adept at creating content you will certainly love and take a huge amount of pride in. As a small independent business, this is climate is obviously tough to get through. But this is where we need to turn the negatives into a positive. Have you always had a dream of working for yourself? 

Meet the team.

So let’s introduce you to the team who could be looking after you. Steve is our head of marketing and sales – he will be the man you initially make contact with and make the deal. George is the creative director and calming presence of Digitiv. There’s not much that phases him and I don’t think we have come across a problem that he does not know how to solve yet! George will lead the design and development of your website. Rose is also part of the creative team, she will design your branding and also aid George with the design of the websites. Gemma (me) will be your account and marketing manager. Any questions will be answered by me and I will be making sure Steve and George are on schedule. We also have three remote developers who step in to help George when the workload is looking heavier than usual! 

Digitiv - one of the top creative agencies in Essex and experts in website design.

Just because you know who the team members are still won’t make you part with your money. We know that. But we can offer you services that other companies may not. We cover all basis at Digitiv. We can even create you an app for your business! Our developers can create you an e-commerce site to take your business to the next level and make you stand out against your competitors. To find out more give Steve a call on 07486589102 or email [email protected]

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