Our tips for achieving good SEO.

2nd March 2020

As a creative agency, we cover all manner of things. One of the things that we’re often asked is how to get good SEO. For those who may not know what it is, it is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. Good SEO = good Google rankings. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. SEO is hard to achieve and it is something you have to maintain. Once you get it to a point where you’re happy with it, you can’t then just abandon it.

So how do you achieve it? Let us tell you and give away some of our secrets! We’re going to provide you with some tips and then the rest is up to you. Or, you could get our experts to do if for you and save you time and a job!

Our top tips to achieving good SEO.

  1. Before making your website live, check you have all of your Meta descriptions in the backend of your website. This will help Google rank you and will therefore get you on that first page! Ensure you have your keywords in your title and meta descriptions. 
  2. Alt+text on all images. It’s astonishing how many websites do not have this on images. Without them, Google will not be able to rank your site. They need to contain keywords and describe the image.
  3. Headings. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. We see a lot of websites using just H1 and H2 which Google does not like. Separating your content with the correct headings will provide structure and context to your content. They’re also a good way to utilise your keywords.
  4. Do your research. Know who you’re targeting, know your keywords, know your audience. Without doing the research, your site will not grow organically and you won’t reach the right people.
  5. Content. If you’re not a wordsmith, invest in a decent content writer. They will make your life easier and create decent content that Google will like. 
  6. Social Media. Make sure your social media platforms are linked to your website and any posts are shared to drive more traffic. 
  7. Analyse your website. Use a website SEO checker to see what you’re doing right, but more importantly, what you’re doing wrong! As a result, small changes will make a big difference and get you to that top spot. 
  8. Pick your platform wisely. There are a lot of website platforms out there but you must pick the right one. Some are cheaper but you may not be able to optimise your site with these. Your website is an investment, therefore, you need to be investing money into it. A good platform will have the functionality that you need to reach page 1 on Google.
Website SEO. Tips on achieving it.

What we can do for you.

Here at DIGITIV creative agency, we have people who can do all of the above! If you refer someone to us for a website or app, you will earn 10% commission. Get in touch today to discover how we can build your online presence and brand. 

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