The adverse effects of lockdown and working from home.

30th April 2020

We thought it would be good to give you an update from the Digitiv team! It’s business as usual for us, despite not working from our office. It is tough not seeing each other and working as a team, but all we can say is thank goodness for Zoom! However, we are all using this time productively. We have some VERY exciting projects in the pipeline but it’s a bit too soon to announce them. But we want to keep in touch with past and present clients, as well as showing potential future clients what we’re all about. 

Although COVID-19 has affected our ‘normal’ working lives, we’re taking comfort in the fact that we’re like a family. We speak daily and we are pushing forward with existing projects. Designing and building websites is our speciality. George and Steve have been business partners for over two years now and their working relationship is stronger than ever. As we’re all creative in different areas, we pull together to create fantastic, innovative designs, branding and websites for our clients. 

Working from home.

We realise that many people are now working from home. It’s tough. There’s no way around it. Before lockdown, I’m sure many people thought working from home would be a dream – no commute, no expensive sandwiches and no early starts. But, it’s not as easy as that. For parents, their job became a whole lot tougher trying to juggle teaching and working full time. Some people may live on their own and rely on seeing colleagues and friends at work. For those, it may seem like a lonely time. Lockdown can have adverse affects on mental health and it’s important to try and communicate with others. In anyway you can. Zoom meeting, FaceTime, whats app and social media are the most important tools at our disposal right now. They allow us to connect with others and come as close to human contact as we can. 

The Digitiv team appreciate and are extremely proud of all the key workers in the country, but also of each other. yes, we’re out of harms way at home. But it’s not that simple. Everyday is a challenge and we’re trying our best to get through it. Read our blog for being as productive as you can at home!

If you’re using this time to think about a new project, business or even re-branding your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Stay home, stay safe. 

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